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Get up to speed on business trends, cybersecurity, and smart devices

  • Dan Sweet Web Designer

    Dan Sweet

    Web Designer

    Don't let customers who search for you come up empty-handed! Your business needs a virtual home. Dan is available to design and build a basic informational site or blog for your small business, using Wordpress' easy-to-use platform. This service includes: -45 min design/content... more

    Price: $1050.00
  • Nate Cooper Digital Life Coach

    Nate Cooper

    Digital Life Coach

    There are almost as many blogging platforms as there are blogs, and there are major differences between them in terms of services, usability, and versatility. This 45-minute call will answer a question, "How can I create and maintain a blog?" The answer may seem simple. There are... more

    Price: $80.00
  • Becky Robinson Business Owner, Social Media Consultant, Author, Blogger,

    Becky Robinson

    Business Owner, Social Media Consultant, Author,

    You're a book author. You write books, not status updates or Tweets. But to get your book out to readers, you need to master the social media basics. Becky will do a one-hour crash course with you in social media—this isn't everything, it's the basics you need to get yourself onto... more

    Price: $200.00
  • Piyanka Jain Analytics Queen

    Piyanka Jain

    Analytics Queen

    What is your organization's Analytics Maturity Score and what are the gaps you as an executive need to focus on to compete on Analytics? In this 1 hour, I will ask you specific questions about tools, processes and people within your organization to get an understanding of where... more

    Price: $200.00
  • Sarah Auerswald Family Blogger

    Sarah Auerswald

    Family Blogger

    Technology has become a part of every aspect of our lives - especially for our kids. Sarah will talk to you about your family, your kids ages, and your lifestyle, and help you determine what is age-appropriate for which child and what pitfalls or dangers to be on the lookout for.

    Price: $85.00
  • Josh Fraser Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

    Josh Fraser

    Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

    You use open-source. You believe in its mission. But you just don't know how to get started on contributing—what kinds of projects to become part of, or how to start projects of your own. This is a consultation for the coders out there, whether dabbling or varsity-level. Josh will... more

    Price: $50.00
  • Richard Stiennon Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest

    Richard Stiennon

    Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest

    Your website is your business. So is it vulnerable to attack? Richard will spend a day with your IT security team for an on-site security review and strategy analysis. He will assess the areas of strength and weakness, and create a review for you to act upon, including a... more

    Price: Negotiable
  • Jeffrey Carr Cyber Intelligence Analyst & Investigator

    Jeffrey Carr

    Cyber Intelligence Analyst & Investigator

    Jeffrey's mission is to help corporations manage their cyber risk and protect their critical assets from attack. He is available to speak or consult on cyber-security and data protection.

    Price: Negotiable
  • Michele McGraw Scrapping Mom

    Michele McGraw

    Scrapping Mom

    Technology is great, but sometimes it feels like there are too many options! In one session (Skype, phone call, whatever works!) Michele will talk to you and your family about how you could use technology to enhance your life. It might be a digital scrapbook or health and... more

    Price: $75.00