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Maestro Market - FAQ

What is Maestro Market?
Maestro Market is a unique and first-of-its-kind platform that connects people with their ideal experts, or even their heroes. This exciting new platform facilitates a variety of engagements, whether in-person, over Skype, via telephone, etc., between talented experts and anyone interested in learning a skill, solving a problem, getting inspired, gifting an experience or indulging a desire.


Check out our line-up of Maestros here!


Who are the experts?
Our experts are hand-picked, and come from a broad array of industries, arts, professions and specialties. We have professors and chefs, entrepreneurs and artists, bloggers and athletes, designers and sleep consultants, all offering unique ways of accessing their expertise.


What kind of experience can I find?
Our experts are interested in sharing their knowledge, and they do so in an endless variety of self-created ways. Some examples of engagements booked through Maestro Market have included a Skype session on setting up, customizing, and maintaining what has since become a successful blog; a phone consultation with a child sleep expert who in one session successfully sleep trained an insomniac infant; and a complete reading of an astrological birth chart, including past lives.


We offer an incredible array of areas of expertise and varieties of engagements. And we also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


How can I find an expert?
Feel try to enter a name or any search term into the search bar at the top right of the site—our profiles are full-text searchable, as well as keyword linked. Searching will turn up not only individual profiles but any relevant category pages, which group experts according to their area of knowledge.


You can also click on any of the categories linked on the homepage, which will take you to those featured categories. Links at the bottoms of the category pages point you to linked and similar categories.


Finally, we’re here to help! If you’d like us to recommend someone for you, simply Post An Inquiry Here with a few details of your event or intention, give us a little time, and see the results for yourself. We will review your request and get back to you with verified and approved recommendations. It’s easy—and free! Please visit the Drop Off Form Page.


Is Maestro Market a speakers’ bureau or a lecture agency?
No. Maestro Market connects skilled and experienced individuals from across all media with interactions of all types.


By the same token, we invite Maestros who have lecture agents and/or other representation to introduce them to Maestro Market. We are incorporating features that will help your representatives work with us to promote your image, presence and brand value. Just contact us with your agent's email address and we’ll start the process.


Who are some of Maestro Market’s current partners?
Current partners include Pubslush, Go Girl Finance and Mom’s Choice Awards, with Movable Type Management and, among others, to come. We are currently working on negotiations with more partners in the book publishing, magazine publishing, affinity group, leadership group, blogging platform and talent/literary agent markets.


I have expertise—can I offer it on the site?
We are always looking for talented individuals to be experts on our site. If you feel that you have knowledge to share, please apply by filling out a profile. Our editorial team will review it and contact you to follow up.


Starting a profile is an easy process that can be completed in minutes, though as with most things, the more attention and time paid upfront, the better the results in the long term. We encourage you to update your profile regularly, create new offerings or promotions on a single offering, and play with creative one-time “specials” or custom offerings. Feel free to experiment with your profile to see what grabs attention from your fans and followers.


If I become one of the experts, how will people find me?
Maestro Market profiles will be optimized for searchibility both on the site and for the web in general. People searching for your name, location, availability, keywords in your profile or area of expertise and general industry will find you.


Maestro Market also partners with many companies, not-for-profits, universities, conference organizations and affinity groups to help draw attention to you and your profile. Keep in mind that the more specific and deep you make your profile (biography, tags, events, videos, locations, experience, etc.), the more likely your profile will be matched.


What does it cost? Are there any commitments?
It is free to join! If you are booked as an expert there is a 20% transaction fee. There are no commitments or obligations other than the agreement to pay 20% of your fee.


Who sets the prices for offerings?
In all cases, Maestros themselves set the prices for their individual offerings. Due to the many kinds of offerings and the varying degree of notoriety of Maestros, the range of prices fluctuates greatly—for example, an offering could be a $100 “call me now” promotion or a $50k once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experience to raise money for a charity.


Often Maestros will set prices based on their existing rates and service fees (speaking, phone consult, webinar, etc.), but they may list a minimum price, rather than a fixed one, to allow for variation in the details of the engagement. If you .


If you have questions on setting up an offer, get in touch through Contact Us. We’re happy to offer suggestions and best practices!


Is my information safe on Maestro Market?
Maestro Market uses industry best practices to protect your information. We use a DNSimple SSL and Merchant Warehouse to process all transactions. For more information, see the Maestro Market Privacy Policy.


Terms, Policies & Procedures
I lost my password. How do I log in?

Password recovery is easy as long as you know your UserID (your email address) • Click here to access Forgot Password page
• Enter your E-mail into the E-mail field
• Click the “Send Me Password Reset Instructions” button
• Assuming email address is found, check your email and follow the instructions
• Hint: Check the “Remember me” box to save UserID and Password on your local machine.


A couple of reminders:
• Your userid is your email address
• Passwords are case sensitive
• Be careful with similar numbers & letters. For example “l” (small L) vs. “1” (number 1) and “O” (letter O) and “0” (zero).


How does the payment process work?
• Purchaser will be asked to provide a credit card to authorize a prepayment on the engagement (you WILL NOT be charged until after the engagement is completed)
• Expert decides to “Accept” an engagement in their Inbox
• Expert confirms the engagement is completed in the Inbox
• Purchaser’s card is charged (you will have seven days to challenge this payment if the reason fits into those listed under “Cancellations and Refunds” in our Terms & Conditions.)
• Either a check is issued to the expert and sent to an address associated with their account, or payment is made via electronic transfer to a Paypal account specified by the expert on their account.


Maestro Market assures the security and convenience of transactions. Any and every method of payment and wiring is available. If you require specific transaction records, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.


What is the refund policy?
For an agreed upon engagement confirmed by both Maestro and Seeker, please refer to “Cancellations and Refunds” in our Terms & Conditions.


I’ve made an offer to an expert and haven’t heard back. What should I do?
Experts sometimes cannot respond immediately due to travel or other scheduling issues. And, since emails are our primary form of communication, spam filters and other technical glitches can get in the way. If you have not gotten a response to a request in 2-3 days, Contact Us. We’re happy to help!


Who is Maestro Market?
We are a San Francisco-based private company that facilitates authentic engagements. Our team is building the platform and tools to support worldwide offerings. See our About Us page to get introduced.


Interested in joining our team or working with us? We would love to hear from you. Contact Us – or check out our team on our About Us Page.