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What to Get for the World's Coolest Dad?

Posted By Lisa Regan on 06/09/2012

Father's Day is occasionally dismissed as a Hallmark holiday—but not by those who know about the original father's day father. Father's Day was established in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Smart Dodd in honor of her father, William—a civil war veteran who raised his six—six—children alone after their mother died in childbirth. He had five sons and a daughter. And he was a farmer. And this was in the 1890s.

Yeah. That sets the bar pretty high. But here's what. Even though he was a hero father and an amazing man, we're pretty sure we know one thing about William Jackson Smart, first Father's Day father: His six children had no idea what the heck to get him for Father's Day. Indeed, until now, no one has ever really known what to get Dad for Father's Day.

He doesn't want a tie. He doesn't need a money clip (what is a money clip??). He's not actually that into golf.

What he needs is a cocktail:

Or a personal lesson in fine wines, perhaps:

Or some expert advice on talking to his kids about what's on their minds (after which he might really need that cocktail):

Or tips on how to rake in his friends' money at the weekly poker game:

Dad is a hero everyday. So why not give him something he actually wants this Father's Day? More suggestions here.

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