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New Study Finds Toddlers Are People Too

Posted By Lisa Regan on 04/16/2012

Grim news for the play-date crowd: a study in the April 12 edition of the journal Current Biology finds that toddlers—we're talking about children with a mere two years of experience on the planet—are heavily influenced by each others' behavior. Peer pressure apparently starts very young. In fact, the study found, if a toddler saw three others perform a given behavior, that child was far more likely to try it out than if he or she saw just one other toddler do so. Granted, the behavior in question was just dropping little balls through holes into a box, still, "I think few people would have expected that 2-year-olds are already influenced by the majority," said one of the study authors. But maybe not—are any parents surprised that children are complex social creatures? Either way, it's clear: to counteract the information coming in, at earlier and earlier ages, from peers and the Internet and wherever else, parents need resources.

Allow us to suggest some resources.

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