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Terry Doherty Children's Book Expert, Literacy Professional, Social Media Consultant, Mom

Terry Doherty

Children's Book Expert, Literacy Professional, Social Media Consultant, Mom

Master Social Media for Your Brand or Product

  • Price: $180.00

Still deciding whether or not to dive into social media? Overwhelmed by the choices and constant change?

Then you want to talk with Terry. In three, 1-hour sessions she will share her practical, realistic approach to helping you build and implement a social media plan. Here's what we'll do:

* Analyze your current plans and online presence**
* Identify the best platforms for your strategy and goals
* Help you structure a plan with marketing impact
* Ensure you get the most Return on Your Investment (RoI)

If you're the person who says "I don't have time," Terry can show you that yes, you DO have time!

** This analysis is done before the 3-hour consultation begins and is gratis.

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Get your children's book manuscript reviewed

  • Price: $100.00 For charity

Got a manuscript for a children's picture book or illustrated chapter book?

Submit a PDF version to receive a manuscript review tailored specifically to your book. Each written review includes:

* Review of the Book / storyline
* Analysis of its readiness for submission to a publisher
* Suggestions for marketing.

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Picky Reader? Find the perfect book

  • Price: $15.00 For charity

For more than 10 years, Terry has been turning kids - even the most reluctant readers - into bookworms.

Share five things about your reader and your family's interests and Terry will send you a tailored, annotated list of 10 kid-tested, highly recommended books that are sure to get them turning the page.

This offering can be fulfilled by phone, Skype, or email.

Get Reviews for Your Book

  • 30 minutes
  • Price: $25.00

Reviews remain one of the best tools in an author's marketing toolbox.

With fewer and fewer print publications reviewing books, how do you find someone to review yours?

Book review blogs can help, but knowing where to find the right one for your book isn't easy.

If you're not sure where to go or how to ask, you've come to the right place.

In one 30-minute session, Terry will help you find the best fits for your book, as well as the etiquette of approaching bloggers for reviews.

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Customize a session

  • Price: Negotiable

Interested in talking more to Terry Doherty about the topics you see here? Getting in touch is easy -- just provide a little info about yourself, what you'd like to talk about, and your budget.


Testimonial from: Maria Dismondy, award-winning author

"Social Media Marketing 101 was an excellent introduction to several of todays most popular media outlets. You will learn a great deal of information to help build your business. Terry respected the different learning styles of her students and used different visual aids to teach the concepts. I highly recommend this course and look forward to taking another course with Terry."

Testimonial from: Robert McCarty, children's book author

"I have visited several hundred sites and blogs dealing with children's books and children's dog books and I find your work of the highest quality, and, so far. in a niche of its own."

Testimonial from: Virginia Stussy, children's book author

"I read the review you gave my book, and I want to sincerely thank you.I feel that what I wrote was worth printing. This was my first children's book and your words have given me the inspiration to start on my second book."

Testimonial from: Dawn Matheson, Executive Director, Mom's Choice Awards

"Terry is a wonderful asset to our program. With her help and direction, we have been able to successfully rebrand and expand our offerings--providing greater support to our Honorees and to the parents, librarians and members of the media who rely on our evaluations. Out-of-the-box thinker is an understatement...out-of-the-universe thinker is more appropriate."

Testimonial from: Lonnie Hodge, Veterans Advocate, Optimized PR Strategist, and Localized Social Media Consultant

"Terry is one of the great "accidental" finds in my professional life. She is dedicated, compassionate, organized and reliable. Add integrity, a passion for learning and superior networking skills and you have a colleague with few peers, yet she is an approachable and valuable asset in any endeavor. "