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Monica S. Flores Web Developer

Monica S. Flores

Web Developer

Web development for a basic e-commerce website

  • Price: $5000.00

A basic e-commerce site to highlight your goods, products, services, or offerings, including shopping cart and checkout functionality, including:

E-commerce Shopping Cart: Ubercart to handle product listings, detail page, shopping cart and checkout functionality

Product Details Manager: Create, edit, and delete your own products, with unlimited products

Product Catalog: Assign products to specific categories, unlimited categories

Page Editor: Create, edit, and delete your own pages

WYSIWYG Text Editor: Web-based text editing

Image Uploader: Upload JPG, PNG, and GIF images

Menu Manager: Create your own navigational menus

Blog: Use blog entries to increase posts and encourage greater search engine results

User Registration/Member Login and Pass: Administrator login and member login

Comments: Users may comment on products and pages

Contact Form: Web-based contact form sent to an e-mail of your choice

Mailboxes: Setup maximum 10 mailboxes on your website hosting

Additional items: Includes Mollom spamcatcher, Google Analytics, and documentation on how to make updates to your website

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One-hour Consultation: focus on your website success

  • 60 minutes
  • Price: $250.00

Using our proprietary web design checklist, you'll receive information and resources on how to focus your website development process for optimal success.

Includes preparation for your overall website target market, your desired functions, infrastructure requirements and a desired timeline.

Includes e-version of "Fifty-one Ways to Build your Community of Clients Online": You'll learn how to effectively increase your net profits, build a base of loyal fans, and improve your triple bottom line after implementing these tips and tools for your website. Includes a focuses on business-buildling tools and their immediate application on your website to increase your online sales. Learn how to share knowledge, build resources, target clients, increase usability, and measure your results.

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One-hour consultation on Starting a Green Business Online

  • 60 minutes
  • Price: $125.00

Our shared planet benefits when you create an organic, fair trade, and holistic business solutions: get an hour of consultation with me on how to organize the thinking around your online green business launch and receive an e-version of my popular resource on starting up your green business.

We'll go over your current business idea and what types of steps you need to get it started, with an option for additional resources, coaching, and accountability to make it happen in the next 3-6 months.

Also receive a copy of "Thirty Steps to Starting your Green Business", a collection of straightforward, easy-to-use tips that help guide you through the planning and launch of your startup green business. Build a thriving, sustainable, eco-friendly, 21st-century company: use these tips to help you get organized, focus on the basics, build your infrastructure, increase your customer base, interact online, review your data, refine your process, and maintain your course. Also find additional information on green metrics, sustainable practices, long-term sustainability, and a resource list.

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Customize a session

  • Price: Negotiable

Interested in talking more to Monica S. Flores about the topics you see here? Getting in touch is easy -- just provide a little info about yourself, what you'd like to talk about, and your budget.