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Kathy Caprino Professional Women's Career & Success Expert, Coach and Speaker

Kathy Caprino

Professional Women's Career & Success Expert, Coach and Speaker

The Amazing Career Jumpstart - Create the Pathway To a Rewarding Career That Excites and Enlivens You

  • 60 minutes
  • Price: $1200.00

The "Amazing Career" 3-Session Jumpstart -- Book Kathy for this transformative three-session career consulting package that will, in three short hours, help you create an effective plan to take your less-than-great career to the level of amazing.

In three, one-hour phone sessions, Kathy will help you: 1) understand where you've been and where you truly want to go, 2) assist you in differentiating between "sounds cool!" ideas vs. real-life new directions that make sense and will bring excitement to your life, 3) identify the specific blocks and obstacles that are holding you back from more success, 4) outline the best next steps to take to create more success, fulfillment and reward in your career, and 5) develop a S.M.A.R.T plan to get you there.

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Breakthrough to Passion, Power and Purpose In Your Career

  • 60 minutes
  • Price: $500.00

One-Hour Private Consultation Helping You Shift Your Career To Do More of What You Love, Using Talents You Enjoy, With People You Respect

Looking for some expert help to take your career to the next level?

Kathy has helped thousands of professional women attain their highest career goals and visions. Drawing on extensive experience as a high-level marketing professional, therapist, career and executive coach, and small business owner, Kathy:

- Identifies the best next steps to improve your career
- Helps you overcome blocks that are keeping you from greater success
- Improves your personal branding communications
- Differentiates between “sounds cool!” career ideas vs. real-life directions that will bring you success and reward
- Provides expert guidance to take your career to the next level of achievement and success

Kathy’s focused 60-minute consultations cover a wide range of career and business issues, including:

- Understanding how to best address a current career or job challenge
- Powering up your personal brand, on LinkedIn, your resume, and other marketing materials
- Gaining clarity on your current professional situation
- Achieving more confidence and courage in your career
- Identifying “right” work for you
- Gaining new partners to help you succeed
- Creating a S.M.A.R.T. Action Plan to move you forward fast and avoid costly missteps

Kathy helps you get unstuck in your career, and offers powerful advice on actions that will help you: achieve more success, attract positive circumstances, gain support, build your personal brand and reputation, promote yourself effectively, and finally, achieve the career growth you long for.

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Is An Amazing Career In Your Future?

  • Price: Negotiable

5 Core Steps to an Exciting, Rewarding and Successful Career of Significance
Seminar/Workshop For Professional Women

Join Kathy Caprino, M.A. – nationally recognized women’s career and work-life expert — for this enlivening program that shares the five core steps to an “amazing” and abundantly successful career that will ignite your fullest professional passion, power, and purpose. Drawing on her coaching work with over 10,000 women across the country, her research and book Breakdown Breakthrough, and her writing for Forbes and Huffington Post on top career issues and trends, Kathy will walk you through her proven five-step model for bringing about lasting change and “knock-your-sock off” success in your career and professional life.

In this program, you’ll learn:

1) The top five reasons women struggle in less than satisfying careers

2) The worst career blunder that professional women make

3) The 7 common traits of amazingly successful women

4) What IS an “amazing” career, and why is it vitally important to have one?

5) A proven 5-Step model for getting on the path to an amazing career that is fulfilling, lucrative, and draws on your natural strengths and talents

If you know you’re meant for something better in your career and professional life, and are longing for more passion, power, and purpose in your work, you won’t want to miss this program.
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For more on Kathy’s views on women’s success and honoring and supporting their ambitions, see Kathy's Forbes Leadership blog at

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In Person

Customize a session

  • Price: Negotiable

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