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Judy Martin Work Stress Management Consultant/ Work-Life Trends Business Journalist

Judy Martin

Work Stress Management Consultant/ Work-Life Trends Business Journalist

Transform Work Stress in an Always-on World

  • 60 minutes
  • Price: $150.00

Work Stress Management Consultant - Judy Martin, Founder

Tight deadlines, increased workloads and hi-tech connectivity easily sparks burnout in real time. No matter the job or sector, we’re living in an “always-on” world which requires fast thinking and quick action. To manage our 24/7 world we need to consistently cultivate resilience in a hi-tech marketplace at work and in business.

But Work Stress can be channeled differently toward transformation. Imagine using up all that worry as fuel toward cultivating the calm and sparking creativity.

Oddly enough, the same technological connectivity that breaks generational and geological boundaries, is also often what drains us. Technology is not bad, it just needs to be managed. Just like stress. There is good stress that can trigger motivation and bad stress which can burn us out.

Transforming Work Stress in a Real-Time World is a skype workshop designed to help you to tune into the right frequency of well-being to better use technology and manage stress. Employees, management and business professionals can learn techniques and strategies to build an inner warehouse of calm to call upon in a time of crisis or before burnout appears.

Join Emmy award-winning broadcaster and stress management consultant Judy Martin to learn tools to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and boost energy on the job or in the cubicle. It’s not just about responding to crisis in a calm way, but also cultivating resilience to prepare ourselves for when chaos hits.

After more than 25 years in broadcasting and a lifetime studying yoga and meditation, Judy will share tools to manage stress and cultivate the calm at work and in business. You’ll learn how the brain and body respond to stress, breath work and meditation strategies to reduce stress, physical chair exercises to relax and energize the body and communication techniques to reduce conflict. Judy can work with you to beat burnout before it surfaces.

This workshop can also be specifically tailored for your company. Please email {info} @ for further information.

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