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Jason Allen Ashlock President, Movable Type Management

Jason Allen Ashlock

President, Movable Type Management

Build your author brand

  • Price: $300.00

Successful authors know their target audience engage and with them at the right time, on the right platforms. Jason’s expertise in making authors recognizable brands can help you stand out in your crowd. In two 45- minute sessions (skype or phone call) Jason will work with you to clarify your message and identify the best platforms, demographics and methods for marketing – and selling! – your book.

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Learn the basics of building an ebook

  • 45 minutes
  • Price: $125.00

You are ready to create an ebook, but where and how and what platform? In one 45-minute conversation, Jason will help you evaluate your project and, based on your technical knowledge as well as the content of your book, recommend the best tools and resources for turning your manuscript into a published ebook.

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Customize a session

  • Price: Negotiable

Interested in talking more to Jason Allen Ashlock about the topics you see here? Getting in touch is easy -- just provide a little info about yourself, what you'd like to talk about, and your budget.