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Heather Johnston Food and Wine Blogger and Expert

Heather Johnston

Food and Wine Blogger and Expert

Learn gourmet culinary skills for the home kitchen

  • 30 minutes
  • Price: $50.00

Whether you can't boil water, or cooked your way through Julia Child, Heather can show you skills and techniques that will make your life far more delicious. And she'll tailor these to your skill level and cooking needs—whatever they may be. In a 30-minute phone call, you’ll talk over where you are in the kitchen, and what you’d like to learn. She'll then email a set of recipes and personal instructions, as well as shopping and serving suggestions.

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Customize a session

  • Price: Negotiable

Interested in talking more to Heather Johnston about the topics you see here? Getting in touch is easy -- just provide a little info about yourself, what you'd like to talk about, and your budget.