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Adam Elenbaas Astrologer & Author

Adam Elenbaas

Astrologer & Author

Get a birth chart reading

  • Price: $100.00

During this 60-90 minute session, Nightlight Astrology Director Adam Elenbaas provides a comprehensive overview of your birth chart as well as a forecast of the year to come.

In this session you will look at the general karmic/evolutionary and psychological imprints of the natal chart to determine the broadest gifts and challenges of the soul in this lifetime. The natal chart is determined by the time, date, and location of your birth (so you'll need this information to schedule your consultation!). The birth chart shows us where each of the planets were in the sky at the time of your birth.

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Discover your past lives

  • Price: $200.00

During this in depth past life regression reading, Nightlight Astrology Director Adam Elenbaas guides clients through a meditative journey of their past life signatures as located in the birth chart.

During this session you dive into the deepest karmic waters of the birth chart in order to extract a set of past life parables and metaphors. The overall goal of this work is to understand how current or long standing behavioral and psychological trends or fixations are in part caused by the karmic past. By learning these parables we become empowered to face our fears and limits with new courage and wisdom.

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Become a certified astrologer

  • Price: $1600.00

The Nightlight Astrologer's Training Course is a one-year, online certification program designed to prepare students for professional astrological counseling work. Students completing the study course are granted the title of Nightlight Astrologer by Nightlight Astrology and Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). The first six-month portion of the course covers the fundamentals of Astrology and focuses on the study of personal natal Charts. The second six-month portion covers the art of counseling and working professionally with astrology clients.

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Customize a session

  • Price: Negotiable

Interested in talking more to Adam Elenbaas about the topics you see here? Getting in touch is easy -- just provide a little info about yourself, what you'd like to talk about, and your budget.